Original hand painted needlepoint canvases

Canadian Artist and Designer Jennifer Tan

I'm Jennifer Tan, the designer of Pippin canvases

I live and work overlooking the sea outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, and the small beach nearby endlessly inspires me with subjects, patterns, moods, and always those gorgeous colours!  It’s where I feel my me-est. A day is made if I can sketch up some designs lying on a beach towel, still wet from a swim!

Pippin is beautifully run by Jill Likes and Mary Ward-Smith, who work from Pippin US in Everett Washington. They have some pretty nice water views there too. It’s a theme.

Fun fact: all three of us have Lucy’s in our life: a small storybook reader extraordinaire, a chaser of spitty tennis balls, and a fuzzy mouse catcher.  Our thing.

I also like to paint a different sort of canvas, and invite you to peek at www.jennifertanart.com